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Global Alliance announces plan for Congressional Commitments to Move American Health

The Global Alliance for Health and Performance is seeking assistance from the U.S. Congress to get Americans moving.

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A new approach to driving individual performance and health outcomes: How businesses and communities can serve as “performance coaches” to get results.

Who We Are

The Global Alliance for Health and Performance is a network of experts from the fields of health, academia, business, sport, and science who are focused on sharing the proven principles of sport science and energy management to help improve the health and performance of individuals, organizations and communities around the globe.

The Global Alliance was jointly founded by Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc. (JJHWS) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Drives Us

People around the world are suffering from an energy crisis—sustainable human energy. There is a widespread number of people suffering from low energy and demanding workloads. Stress-generated illness and related issues of depression, anger, and fear; chronic disease and pain; substance abuse; obesity, diabetes, and lack of fitness contributing to injury have become more and more prevalent and can affect overall performance, productivity, and engagement in all aspects of life.

Our Members

Our members represent a diverse set of leaders in science, business, health and wellness, human performance, and sport. They are committed to devising new and innovative models for improving the health and performance of individuals, organizations, and communities through applying sport science and energy management principles. The development of these models will help deepen understanding of the connection between health and performance, help to address some growing global health issues, and ultimately help people live healthier and more purposeful lives.

      Our Work

      Here are the latest resources that the Global Alliance for Health and Performance, or individual members of the Global Alliance, have developed on the topics of sport science, energy management, health and performance.

      White Paper

      A New Global Perspective on Health, Performance and Sustainability

      Press Release

      Read the official Global Alliance launch announcement

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